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Rodney Barnett - Professional Pilot, Hobby Farmer

On the Farm

Responsive image(In the photo, This is a shot of our small farm in TN, like going home to a private park everyday.)Historically: My grandfather had a dairy farm that I visited with my dad into the early '60s, especially during hay season when a lot of help was needed. I think about the last that I can recall, I was maybe 5 when my grandfather retired and gave up farming, might have been about 1964. Neither my dad, nor any of his brothers took over the place, but my dad did have a small hobby farm so-to-speak where I grew up. On this small farm, we hand milked a couple of cows, raised calves, pigs, chickens and a couple of horses. I had eight brothers and sisters, so it took all the money dad could make driving truck, and all the food we could raise on the small farm to keep everyone fed. Later, in 1976, when I was 19, I started working on a larger dairy farm (210 acres). I enjoyed this farm, and it caused me to desire to have at least a small farm sometime in life if I could find the opportunity. The farmer that I worked for was a smart farmer, he had great management techniques that I learned from and admired. He took excellent care of his equipment, and of his livestock; both values my father also stressed.

See the Farm website here

Current: In 2009, the opportunity arose for me and my wife (who incidentally grew up with some farm experience) to purchase a small farm, where we could put our experiences to use. I work a full-time job as a pilot, so the farm is supplemental to our normal income. We have automated our systems so that we don't have to be attentive on a daily basis; in fact, our goal is to have the farm self sustainable for 14-days if need be. This has been a challenge at times since no family or local farmers actually track information so no one actually knows the needs, so we have had to track, document, and modify our processes to accommodate the needs of each species. As a result, the farm has evolved significantly over the last twelve years. Now as experience has shown the needs, things are becoming more permanent. Fences, water systems, feeding systems and such are now no longer being modified and moved.

Wagon Wheel Airports

Many moons ago, I was sitting around in a hanger session with some old pilots' of the time; they were talking about the old Wagon Wheel airports.I had no idea what that was about.Then one day I flew over Ft Lauderdale Hollywood airport and there it was, I took this picture. See it here!!

Are you thinking of getting a Vasectomy?

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Professional Pilot

Responsive image

This is a photo of my first helicopter, (N7907S) a 1966 Bell 47 G5 while based at Greystone Airport aka Jumbolair before John Travolta lived there. I did a lot of Commercial work and Helicopter Flight Training in this aircraft all over Florida.

I love Aviation even though the FAA, Insurance companies and Oil Companies have seriously ruined the freedom that once existed. I was fortunate enough to get into it early enough to enjoy some of the best years. I have flown fixed wing and helicopters on a wide variety of contracts and commercial jobs over the years often in the Caribbean.

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This is a photo of my second airplane with me and my first grandson, Ray. This is (N1888F) a 1966 Cessna 210 which was also based at Greystone. The years of the aircraft were coincidental. I have owned five aircraft, leased a bunch of others, and enjoyed every one of them. I lived in Miami for a short period while I owned this Cessna 210, during which time I flew to the Bahamas' nearly every weekend. That was one of the best times of all. When I think back on it, I can't hardly believe it.

I have been flying EMS helicopters since 2005 for a private carrier. I am still involved in flight schools and flight training in some way as I have been for the last twenty-two years. For flight training info - go here...Helicopter Flight

Illicit drug use in the USA

The Justice Department issued a report on the Economic Cost of Illicit drug use in the US. The problem is, there is a huge omission. bThe drug problem, not only in the US, but around the world is created by the government itself. They want you to think this is something new, but take a look at The Laguardia Report from 1944, where all of the claims about Marijuana addiction were found to be false...More

Woodworking for Wildlife

Get plans for bird houses, bat houses etc., here.. Woodworking for wild life. Many different species or designs to choose from. Get plans for all kinds of wildlife woodworking.

US Government Murder

Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco. 

Never forget the government supported murders at Ruby Ridge, and Waco; scumbag FBI murderer Lon Horiuchi, and the murderous BATF and FBI who set them both up!

When our top law enforcement agencies get bored they do the same thing terrorist all over the world do, they murder people in cold blood, and they will do anything it takes to set anyone up, including YOU!

Covered up by then President Bill Clinton, his scum crony Janet Reno and the FBI and ATF. There has never been a dirtier deed nor filthier coverup than these two incidents. Never trust scum of the earth law enforcement like this, especially when they're lazy and bored.

I had a dream that I wrote this song, but when I awoke, I found out it was really Willie...

I've got a long list of real good reasons - for all the things I've done - I've got a picture in the back of my mind - of what I've lost and what I've won - I've survived every situation - knowing when to freeze and when to run - and regret is just a memory - written on my brow - and there is nothing I can do about it now - I've got a wild and a restless spirit - I've held my price through every deal - I've seen the fire of a women's scorn - turn her heart of gold to steel - I could cry for the time I've wasted - but that's a waste of time and tears - I've been dreaming like a child - since the cradle broke the bow - and there is nothing I can do about it now... - Willie Nelson

Search the Bible

Get your facts straight, search the Bible from this cool web site. Your choice of versions.

Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

Have you ever thought back on the ones you've had, counted them; hated a few and loved some others? Here's my list

Bernhard Goetz

is an American Hero. It doesn't matter if a criminal is Black, White, Red, Yellow or poke-a-dotted, they're all the same underneath. Tried for shooting hoodlums on a New York subway, everyone should do exactly what he did, rid the world of the dregs of society! He should have recieved the medal of honor! It is a sick society when hoodlums can sue someone like this. This is the best examples of your paid off politicians in a crooked government.