Drug use in the USA, What the DEA has done for you!

What the DEA has done for you, Illegal drug use in the USA

Just like alcohol prohibition from 1920 through 1933 fueled the gangsters of the time "Al Capone and his equals", America's bogus "war on drugs" fuels the streetgangs of today. The alcohol prohibition experiment grossly failed, and repealing the 18th ammendment destroyed the fuel for gangs at that time. However, with the need for uppity politicians to attempt to control the public, there was going to be a whole new prohibition. So, in 1938 the Laguardia Commission was formed to study the effects of Marijuana and the Laguardia Report was published in 1944. It was found that there are no known negative effects of Marijuana use. However, prohibition was once again instituted, and we have the powerful streetgangs and the consequential high crimes of today, and... we have the dirty DEA. See also, the taxpayer cost of Marijuana Prohibition.

The DEA is one of the top three most corupt agencies in United States Government, and no agency except TSA and ATF has cost US taxpayers more money without benefit. The effect of DEA influence and its corupt and bogus justification isn't just felt in the US, it is worldwide. Foreign governments have attempted to get the US to stop this bogus "war on drugs" because of its lack of effectiveness, and the crime that results around the world. Coruption runs to the very core of the DEA, because when you have prohibition of any kind, it not only makes crooks and crime on the street, it makes crooks and crime run deep in agencies like the DEA because they have access to such mass amounts of money with no accountability. The DEA is very good at covering up the real problem because the easiest thing on the planet to do is mislead people. That is why Hitler was so successful in the past, it's why ISIS is so successful today.

The Justice Department issued a report detailing the Economic Cost of Illicit drug use in the US. This document is full of great information, but there is a huge omission. That omission is the fact the drug problen in the US is government made. The DEA backed by greased politicians is the driving force behind the huge drug problem that exists not just in the United States, but around the world. Drug use should be legalized and taxed. 

Legalizing drug use would remove the criminal element driving the gangsters, and the coruption in the DEA. If you care to read the document, you will see that the criminal element is one of the largest factors mentioned. The criminal element is not made by drug use, it is government made. Just like when alcohol was illegal in the early 1900's, it created the element of bootlegging. The largest problem of all, and that which drives the illegal part of drugs is the need for government to be LARGE; inefficient, and large. The DEA and governmental control has not done anything to reduce illegal drug use, it has only made government fat. It has helped to create the largest prison system in the world in a country that only has 5% of the worlds population.

The DEA and America's bogus "war on drugs" has only accomplished two things, it has created a very fat government in many ways, and it has created another mass of street gangs. That fact that there is so much money in fat government is the only reason that drugs stay illegal. Legalizing drugs would remove the dirty needle problem which as you can see in the report was alleged to be one of the biggest causes of the medical burden by illegal drug use. If drugs were legalized, we would no longer need the DEA which hasn't done anything for the United States except aid in squandering taxpayer money. Fat law enforcement could no longer justify the high cost of aircraft to search out marijuana which has been one of the biggest government scams of all time. END